Find out more about individual jobs/careers

The links in this section will take you to websites where you can find out more about individual jobs.  We use Launchpad and KudosInspire in school, but you may want to check out others as well.  Some are text based, but many have videos as well.  Careersbox and icould are entirely video based.

When you are applying for a job it is very important to do as much research as you can so that you can write a very targetted application, linking it to the requirements of the job.  Your research will also provide useful knowledge if you get called for interview.  If you can demonstrate you know a lot about the job and the company it shows that you are really interested.


  We no longer have a licence for Kudos.  Look out for  this being replaced with another platform soon.  The same as in school. It asks you questions and suggests jobs. You can also find out useful information about more than 1800 jobs.
Your username is the same as the one you use for the school network and your password should still be password.  if you have changed it and can't remember it pop in to one of the Federation libraries and ask the library staff to reset it for you.
  Careerometer - use the Careerometer to find basic information about individual jobs - average pay, hours, annual and hourly pay, how the workforce is expected to change and a quick overview of what the job involves.  
Go to this site to watch video case studies of people doing a whole range of jobs.  
Watch videos of people talking about their jobs.  Try taking the Buzz Quiz to see what kinds of jobs would suit you.  
This website can help with your decision making.  Are you trying to decide between uni and an apprenticeship?  Do you want some career ideas?  Some more in depth information about a specific job role?  Do you want application and interview tips?  Need to research universities, degrees or UCAS applications?  Want to know if your degree subject ideas are right for you?  
This site gives you an overview of careers in a wide range of career areas such as sport and fitness, working for a charity and performing arts.  It’s a good place to start if you have a passion to work in a particular industry, but are not sure what roles are available within it.  It has an informal, chatty style that’s easy to follow.  
This takes you to the Job Profiles area of the National Careers Service website.  Will have some of the informaion that KudosInspire and Launchpad have but in a less accessible format.  
Career Coach is designed to help you find a good career by providing the most current local data on wages, employment, job postings, and associated education and training.  
Try here for links to work experience placements.  
Find up-to-date information on the many roles available in construction, including salary ranges, how to apply and job demand.  
Tomorrow's Engineers has lots of information on how to get in to engineering, what it involves alongside a huge range of case studies where you can find out about the lives of real engineers in a huge range of areas.

This is your one stop shop to finding a deliciously scruptious Tasty Career in the Food and Drink Industry.  Find out about the range of roles int he industry, how to get in and read their wonderful case studies.

Autocity is the one-stop-shop for impartial careers information and advice on careers in the Retail Motor Industry.Explore jobs in the retail motor industry (working in garages and delaerships) through the workplace.  Find out the jobs you can do in each setting, the skills and qualifications you will need and watch video case studies.  
Your guide to working for the NHS, the fifth biggest employers in the world.  This website covers the full range of NHS jobs together with information about what it is really like to work for the NHS and what staff say about their jobs.  
This is another great resource for finding out about working in the NHS and in social care.  However, unlike Step into the NHS this one is aimed primarily at adults.  There is a quiz to help you work out which roles might suit you along with overviews of areas and information about specific roles.  
On the Bubble digital jobs portal you’ll find everything from their hugely popular Digital Career Finder Quiz and Digital Job Guide Videos to A-Level Career Path Guides and the latest Digital Apprenticeships.  It also has lots of tips to help you get your dream job in the digital industried.  
Screenskills is the industry skills body for the Creative Industries. It works across film, television, animation, games and visual effects sectors.

It works with and for these sectors to develop skills and talent, supporting productivity and employability.

You will find tips on getting in to the different areas of the creative industries, information about the variety of job roles and case studies of peole working in the industries.

Futuremorph hope that this site will help people explore the range of careers on offer to people who have studied STEM subjects and think about where their future might lie.  The main roues in are through age bands - 11-13, 14-16 and 16+.  Each age band offers careers advice, a Next Steps section, advice on applying for jobs and courses, interactive games and quizes along side 'Quiz the Scientist'.  It also features a My Future Finder that looks at different industries and the range of jobs requiring STEM subjects.  
This site has lots of articles which show how important Maths and numbers are.  Find out about Vampire numbers, Valentines Day maths, the mathematics of crowds and look at how maths is used in different industries from sport trough entertainment to the environment.  
This website is promoting the wide range of careers in property.  There are lots of resources, from Career Guides to Videos,  to help you find out about the 100+ careers available.  There is also a useful link to help you find out about work experience opportunities.



Think Care Careers is website which will help you get a better understanding of careers in adult social care. It provides guidance on working in care, including:
■how to find work in the sector
■the types of jobs which are available
■qualifications needed
■opportunities for careers development.
This is the East Midlands Airport education site.  Here you can find out about a variety of jobs at the airport from Airline Pilot through Security to being part of the car parking team.  Find out about what the jobs involve, the qualifications you'll needs as well as an idea of salary of course.  You will also find videos of employees talking about their jobs and tips for interviews and assessment centres alongside information about what recuriters are looking for.  

Doctor You has been set up by Health Education England, part of the National Health Service (NHS), to encourage more people to consider a career in medicine.There are quite a few myths about who can or can’t be a doctor. The fact is doctors come from all sorts of different backgrounds, they’ve often learnt different subjects at school, and you don’t have to worry about always getting top grades. If you are interested in becoming a doctor take a look at this site - there are videos of doctors talking about their experiences and their routes in to the profession.  There are separate sections for different age groups.



CyberFirst is a programme of opportunities to help young people aged 11 - 17 years explore their passion for tech by introducing them to the fast paced world of cyber security.  CyberFirst covers a broad range of activities: a comprehensive bursary scheme to financially support undergraduates through university and a degree apprenticeship scheme; a girls' only competition and thousands of free places on CyberFirst courses at UK universities and colleges. There’s even Cyber Discovery; our online extracurricular programme. Each activity is designed to seek out people with potential, offering the support, skills, experience and exposure needed to be the future first line of defence in our CyberFirst world.

CREST is a not for profit organisation that provides accreditation to the cyber security industry.  Their YouTube channel includes videos of people talking about their jobs.  These include a day in the life of a threat intelligence analyst, the role of cyber threat detection and response analyst and a day in the life of a penetration tester amongst others.  






Published on  June 8th, 2021